RAWAT consulting s.r.o. helps to solve the surface, waste, and process water issues and offers a wide variety of services in this field.

Water reservoirs

  • Consulting and assessment of water quality, sediment and water reservoir inflow (sampling, analysis, solution suggestions, measures realization, and effectiveness assessment)
  • Working out specialized studies regarding quality of water reservoir and inflow, including suggestions for remedial actions
  • Phytoplankton composition
  • Sediment thickness determination and proposal of alternatives on how to deal with sediment issues, including the treatment of sediment without excavation
  • Sampling and analysis of water, sediment and sludge
  • Determination of hydro chemical parameters (Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), nutrients: forms of nitrogen and phosphorus, Total organic carbon (TOC), pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, transparency, Chlorophyll concentration, etc.)
  • Optional processing of data into a map form (amount of phytoplankton in reservoirs, temperature stratification, sediment stratification - map of the bottom, etc.)

Natural swimming pools and garden ponds

  • Consulting for both organizations and individuals
  • Diagnosis of current condition (sampling, analysis)
  • Proposal of measures (removal of the causes, optimization of current technology, optimal state maintenance proposal)
  • Manufacturing and distribution of selected products
  • Expert advice on remedial measures of natural swimming pools

Artificial wetlands for sewage treatment

  • Expert advice on reconstructions
  • Monitoring of selected parameters during operation
  • Assessment of cleaning effects
  • Continued maintenance and operation supervision
  • Proposal of remedial measures in cases of malfunction

Services for municipalities

  • Providing help with municipal water reservoir or stream issues solving
  • Water quality measurement, sources of pollution detection
  • Proposal of measures

Cooling and process water

  • Assessment of a biological boost to a technological circuit (organism analysis, selected hydrochemistry parameters determination)
  • Assessment of biocide application potential
  • Laboratory verification of product dosage recommendations for specific technology and water type
  • Application method determination and application implementation, including support in the area of water management permits
  • Monitoring and assessment of effectiveness
  • Optimal state maintenance proposal

Laboratory analysis

  • Quantification of bacteria in surface water, including swimming or sewage water (Wastewater Treatment Plants) by direct fluorescent antibody test
  • Quantification of cyanobacteria inocula in the sediment
  • Testing of the effectiveness and toxicity of products (not restricted to products for water treatment)
  • Ecotoxicological biotests of sewage, process, and surface waters
  • Basic and specific physical-chemical analysis

Research and development

  • Custom-made water treatment products according to customer’s requirements
  • With our long-term partners we cooperate on research and introduction of new water treatment technologies to particular technological businesses
  • Cultivation of technologically utilizable algae, including the isolation of new perspective strains of algae used for specific applications


  • Education in the fields of environment and water resources management
  • Seminars, workshops, preparation of literature overviews and basic patent research documentation

Comparison and validation of water treatment technologies

We offer free capacities of micro and mesocosm for comparison and validation of water treatment technologies.